E-DrAssist provides call answering services to physicians, clinics and hospitals. Trained call representatives of E-DrAssist are designated to perform these tasks; they take messages, redirect calls to respective lines and schedule appointments. In short, e-DrAssist professionals make it easier for physicians and patients to effectively communicate with each other ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.


E-DrAssist's ‘Scheduling’ feature enables physicians to create their schedules online for the public to view and book appointments via our website and smart phone App. It provides convenience to physicians as well as patients due to its accessibility from various locations.


We offer several marketing tools and loyalty features to physicians. Through these tools, physicians are able to market their practice which is very essential in this day and age. The purpose of this feature is to provide physicians with an exposure to multiple channels that will enable them to communicate and connect with prospective and ensure loyalty from their existing patients.


I have been a part of the medical industry for more than two decades and there is one thing I have learnt that physicians have to create an environment where their patients can trust them completely. Patients need to know that their physicians will respond to their queries at all times.

Therefore we must create a channel of communication for our patients and this is where E-Hospital's Call Answering Services has assisted us. Their trained staff helps us to communicate effectively with our prospective and existing patients, hospitals, & labs and ensure we don’t leave any calls unattended. They also provide with many tools that has enabled my practice to better serve all of our patients

I am a physician at Integrative Primary Care and I specialize in internal medicine. At integrative primary care we provide various facilities to our patients but I believe that all these facilities do not suffice if we do not improve communication with our patients.

We are currently using E-Hospital's Call Answering Services and I can say that their service is immaculate. They address all our unattended calls and sometimes our entire load of incoming calls in the most professional manner. Their service also includes reminding and following up with patients which saves us an immense amount of time and leave our patients satisfied.


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Worried you might have to set an appointment with your physician? Would you want to wait for days or maybe weeks to address a minor health issue? Have your concerns heard and seen instantly by using e-Dr's video consultation portal. ' You just need to rest it out’, said our certified U.S Board Physician.


You can chat with a U.S Board certified physician for a quick consultation. Our 2-10 min chat sessions ensure that your concerns are put at ease. You can also send pictures for the physicians to look at and diagnose accordingly.


Forget the countless calls to the physician’s office trying to get an appointment. With e-Dr’s extensive database, search for physicians near you and book an appointment online at your convenience. Maybe the nearest physician is available to see you in the next 15 min! You can also set appointments for video and telephone consultations.


Our U.S Board certified physicians are just a phone call away. You can dial 855-959-EDOC and request for a consultation by speaking to our customer service representatives 24/7/365. They will locate the next available physician and connect them with you instantaneously.